Our Mission

  • We want a future without any road accidents, with the car as the cooperative partner for those who can’t protect themselves – especially our children. With our cutting edge sensor technology and software applications, we are a highly innovative and a very reliable business partner for our customers.

Ibeo USA

Ibeo Automotive USA Inc. is a subsidiary company of the Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH and a specialist for automotive LiDAR sensor technology.

In addition to the state of the art automotive LiDAR sensors, Ibeo develops software for environmental detection, referencing tools for highly automated driving and autonomous driving (AD) systems as well as highly automated driving and mapping & localization applications.

20 years of experience in pioneering the future of mobility!

President: Paula Jones

Paula brings over 20 years of automotive experience to her role as President of Ibeo USA.  Prior to joining the company, she held several positions at Gentherm, the global technology leader for thermoelectrics, centered around growth and strategic initiatives with new-to-the market technologies. She held roles with increasing responsibility in the areas of corporate strategy, global business development,  and most recently headed a customer business unit.
Paula started at Gentherm (Amerigon) when it was a startup with 5 employees, and it grew to a $1B Tier One supplier with 15,000 people during her tenure. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


January 2020:

Autonomous Vehicle Engineering: “Next-gen Sensors: Advancing Commercial-Vehicle ADAS, Autonomy

Wards Intelligence: “Ibeo Makes Move With Solid-State Lidar, Stake in U.S. Ground

Our Technology

  • Autonomous Driving

    The vision of autonomous driving has been Dr. Ulrich Lages’ driving force when he founded Ibeo. Starting with active collision avoidance in 1996, Dr. Ulrich Lages has paved the way for today’s Ibeo Highly Automated Driving Team dedicated to create a safer road for everyone. Important projects towards HAD were, amongst others, the DARPA Urban Challenge and Rinspeed’s sQuba car. In both projects, the vehicles were equipped with Ibeo’s LiDAR technology to autonomously master various traffic situations.

  • LiDAR

    A LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system is based on the Time of Flight method in which a laser pulse is emitted to determine a distance based on runtime and speed of light. LiDAR sensors have a high angular resolution, a wide field of view and can detect targets within a distance of 300 meters. In the automotive sector, a system of up to six LiDAR sensors can create a 360° view around the vehicle for environmental perception and object tracking. A LiDAR system can thus be used to detect static and dynamic obstacles in order to activate driver assist functions like blind spot detection or emergency braking.

Our Milestones

  • 2019

    Foundation of Ibeo Automotive USA, Inc.

    Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH opened the subsidiary company Ibeo Automotive USA, Inc. with a sales office in Detroit.

  • 2018

    Celebrating our 20th anniversary

    Since Ibeo's foundation in Germany in 1998, Ibeo has been pioneering the future of mobility; faithful to our vision of making the road a safer place and Ibeo becoming the specialist for LiDAR and autonomous driving technology that it is today.

  • 2016

    ZF Friedrichshafen AG - Acquisition of 40% Ibeo stake

    ZF Friedrichshafen AG acquires a 40 % stake in Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH, which is incorporated in Zukunft Ventures GmbH, a subsidiary of ZF.

  • 2010

    Cooperation Agreement with Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH

    Cooperation, development and license agreement signed with Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH. Defined goal of the cooperation is the series production of an automotive grade LiDAR sensor with SOP in 2017.

  • 2007

    DARPA Urban Challenge

    Participation in the DARPA Urban Challenge with our own specially developed autonomous vehicle “Team LUX” which obtained the approval for autonomous driving on public roads in the USA; the DARPA Urban Challenge proved that autonomous driving without LIDAR technology is not possible. With the DARPA Urban Challenge, Ibeo Automobile Sensor GmbH entered the market in the USA.

  • 1998

    Foundation of Ibeo Automobile Sensor GmbH

    Foundation of Ibeo Automobile Sensor GmbH in Hamburg, Germany with a focus on time-of-flight technology for measuring distance. Starting point was the development of an emergency brake system based on laser scanner technology.